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Typical Design About Us

About Us

What does Typical Design means?

Choice of the name Tpical Design or the ideal design to denote the high quality of the different company products, as the company is keen to provide topmost standard of quality and trusted by 99.95 %. All company products are controlled by International Quality System, supervised by a highly experienced cadre working according to internationally accredited standards and measures.

Typical Design:

Despite of the multitude of software companies targeting a relatively small market, still there is an exigent need for high quality companies to develop and modernize. Software market is crammed with programs claiming to be the only solution for a specific problem, but this solution requires a constant follow-up to handle emergency problems or develop software potential to solve them.
people of consideration in the world endeavor to procure devices and tools; employ personnel to secure them, stored information on the PCs and interchanged through the net need security methods that preserve its confidentiality and avoid leaks.
Upon these inceptives, the idea of establishing Typical Design was born, in the Romanian capital Bucharest. This birth was great enough to match ambitions, thus the global arena becomes the workplace. Hence, the company operates, in addition to place of birth, in other different locations: Jordanian Hashemite kingdom, Palestine, Qatar State, Arab Republic of Egypt and soon in Libya, Italy, United States, Lebanon, Moroccan Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Iraq, Belgium, France and Britain.      
If wealth means money, Typical Design is rich with the high caliber of its personnel who work day and night to attain prominence and provide integrated service. To always excel, the company took up to elect the crème de la crème among graduates of technical specialties and provide training in the company's global headquarters. Our zeal to provide integrated service and technical support arises from our realization of the importance of the projects of our esteemed clients. If time is gold, software design satisfies your urgent need.
De facto, with us you will be prominent with the type of service you give your customer. With just one click, you will be linked to what concerns you. If the internet was your way to reach your customers, with us you will do it fast relying upon a five-star service that carries the message. Thus your site could be transferred to a real store, and you will be the owner of an international company with the ability to monitor the workflow in any of your branches worldwide, from anywhere. The administrative design of the program will keep you in contact with department managers all the time, granting them enough money to concentrate on work, to reach the level of excellence in providing service to clients.
Our being there in various countries helps us to provide designs that reflect this cultural diversity in your ADS and catalogues, and thus enhance sales to different nationalities and categories. Abundance claim to excel in providing hosting service, but we are far distinguished in that we give 24 hours technical support, all week. In addition, we provide topmost protection for servers that prevents and penetration, through a highly complicated protection system.